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Teaching Staff Contacts

Michael Accursi Success
Valerie Blackman English/Social Science
Mario Brgan Science Program Chair
John Cavasin Business / Tech Program Chair
Julie Chevalier Art/Religion
Catherine Chin Yet/Gandola Art/English
Melanie Contini Arts Program Chair
Nancy Cookson Aesthetics
James Craig Physical Education/Social Science
David Cristelli English Program Chair
J.P. Dupont Music/Math
Nadine Emond Mathematics
Erin Farkas English/Student Services
Kerry Farrell Dance/Coop
Marc Ferretti Religion/Social Science
John Luigi Folinazzo ESL
Claudina Fortino Science
Liza Gallagher Science/Mathematics
Erin Gauthier Physical Education
John Giroux Mathematics 
Leann Giroux Science
Michael Hendrickse Mathematics/Social Science
Chris Hladich
English/Social Science
Stefanie Lamontagne Mathematics
Andrea Luppino Languages Program Chair
Giacomo Luppino Religion Program Chair
Dean Memme Special Education
Jennifer Mercer Social Science/English
Brian O'Rourke Soc Science Program Chair
Stan Pockaj Culinary
Michael Potalivo Technology
Corey Quinn Technology
Martin Race Religion/Social Science
Janet Seca Mathematics Program Chair
Michael Sirotnik Construction Technology
Teresa Soytaroglu French
Erica Spreitzer English
Matthew Swick Science
David Thomson English / Coop
Elizabeth Thomson Student Services Program Chair
Karen van Ophem Acting Special Education Program Chair
David Walker Physical Education Program Chair
David Welsh Social Science/Religion


Family of Schools

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The following is a list of schools that are currently home to our future Raiders. Holy Cross works in conjunction with the feeder elementary schools to ensure students achieve a successful transition to high school.



Principal: Wendy Brant

225 Parnell Rd.,
St. Catharines, ON,
L2M 1W3
Tel: (905) 935-5281
Fax: (905) 935-7026

St. Alfred

Principal: Emma Fera-Massi

280 Vine St.,
St. Catharines, ON,
L2M 4T3
Tel: (905) 934-9922
Fax: (905) 934-6842

Canadian Martyrs

Principal: Alan Creelman

502 Scott Street,
St. Catharines, ON,
L2M 3X2
Tel: (905) 934-9972
Fax: (905) 934-1575

Our Lady of Fatima

Principal: Branka Jones

439 Vine Street,
St. Catharines, ON,
L2M 3S6
Tel: (905) 935-4343
Fax: (905) 935-3943

St. Michael NOTL

Principal: Blaine MacDougall

387 Line 3, RR #2,
Niagara on the Lake, ON,
L0S 1J0
Tel: (905) 684-1051
Fax: (905) 684-5521

Board Mission:

The Niagara Catholic District School Board through the charisms of faith, social justice, support and leadership, nurtures an enriching Catholic learning community for all to reach their full potential and become living witnesses of Christ.

School Mission Statement:

Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School Community strives to build a Christian faith community committed to the Gospel values of Compassion, Service and the attainment of each individual’s optimum potential.

School Vision:

We are a strong Catholic School Community devoted to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Within a safe environment, we inspire learning and balanced growth in all our students.


Period 2 Assembly/Mass Schedule

Period 2 Assembly/Mass Schedule  

Period 1                                   8:10 - 9:10

Period 2 & Assembly/Mass    9:15 - 11:25

LUNCH                                   11:25 - 12:05

Period 3                                 12:10 - 1:10

Period 4                                   1:15 - 2:15



Period 2 Assembly/Mass Schedule

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Period 2 Assembly/Mass Schedule

Period 1                                     8:10 -  9:10

Period 2 & Assembly/Mass      9:15 - 11:25

LUNCH                                     11:25 - 12:05

Period 3                                   12:10 -   1:10

Period 4                                     1:15 -   2:15