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Another outstanding Advent Mass with our Grade 5 feeder school students. Only 7 (incl. today) class days until Chri… https://t.co/1x9rcjON9o

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Pick up your $10 Rafiki brackets at lunch on Thursday from the Free the Children Club. Great gift that helps a grea… https://t.co/O7cfeUHCDp

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Holy Cross photographers exhibit at Rodman Hall

McConnell had an interest in photography, but it wasn’t until taking the photography class that she solidified it.

“Before I would always take my mom’s really nice camera to shoot with, but after this class, I’m all for it. Now, I have my own DSLR camera, I’ve purchased another lens, which was a couple of hundred dollars.

“I’ve been thinking of starting my own blog to put my own photos up, just to get some out there because it’s something I like doing.”

One of McConnell’s favourite subjects is scenery.

“I went away (recently) and my favourite thing to photograph was the scenery and some animals. We were on the beach and I took a lot of sunset photos. Occasionally, depending on what is going on at the time, I like portraits. I like taking artistic photos.”

McConnell will be a business administration student at Brock University in the following school year, but she is hoping to minor in an art program.

“I’m not sure yet, but I can see myself always having photography, whether it’s a hobby or later on, a career path in that field.”

Catherine Chin-Yet, who is the photography and English teacher at Holy Cross, said the art exhibit came about because it was originally a project for the class.

“Amy came in to work with my students for three afternoons, spent three afternoons with them working on this project where they had to bring in old family photographs, reshoot them and crop them in a new way, and then we enlarged them,” Chin-Yet said. “We used hand-manipulative interventions, different artist materials to change them and breathe new life into them.

“Then they had the opportunity to exhibit this work at Gallery 44 in Toronto, which is a photographic gallery, in February and now this opening at Rodman Hall. They had an opportunity, also, to install this exhibit. So, they were part of that process. It’s just been incredible.”

Chin-Yet’s photography class is available for senior students, Grade 11 and 12, to take, but Chin-Yet says that some Grade 10 students take the Grade 11 class for their arts credit.

“Many of them who take it in Grade 11 take it in Grade 12 because they fall in love with it.”

Students in her photography class have previously exhibited their work.scstand 041316

“Last year, they participated in an exhibition that was shown at the St. Catharines Museum at Lock 3, where they took pictures of local historical buildings. That work was exhibited last March and we won an award for that in Toronto. It was called the Young Generation Award from the Architectural Conservatory of Ontario, and then we won the Mayor’s Heritage Award for those pictures, so we’ve had a great track record.”

Her advice for aspiring photographers is to “practise, practise, practise” and to study what other photographers are doing.



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