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Letterman Awards


Applications are due to the office by the date identified on the application form.

Please note: NO late applications will be accepted.

The Awards system at Holy Cross is designed to recognize and celebrate those Grade 12 students who have made significant contributions to the Holy Cross Community through the Arts, Athletics, Academics and Christian Service. Applications will not be accepted from Grade 12B students.

A student can earn their letter in five areas:

  • ANGUS AWARD (overall achievement)



The Academic Letter will recognize outstanding achievement in school academics.  The recipient of this Award shall be an honours graduating student (with an average of 85% or better).



The Activities letter will recognize outstanding participation and achievement in school activities. The recipient of this award shall have obtained a minimum of 50 activity points and maintained a 70% average during his/her years at Holy Cross. If you have used an activity for community service it may NOT be used towards the Activities Letter. Points can be obtained through the following ways.


GROUP A (Up to 16 points per year)

Student Council                                                         

GROUP B (Up to 8 points per year)

Band                                        Fashion Show

Choir                                       AAAA Council

Drama                                     Robotics

ECO Club                               Yearbook


GROUP C  (Up to 5 points per year)

Anime Club                             Mathletes

Art Club                                  Pilgrimage*

Chess Club                               Prefects                                  

God Squad*                             School REACH

Relay for Life


GROUP D  (Up to 3 points per year)

Retreat Facilitators*               Multicultural Day       

Pro Life Club                          Haunted House

Free the Children                    LOGOS Coffee House

Niagara Wine Parade              Niagara on the Lake Christmas Parade


*Students claiming God Squad points are not eligible to redeem Pilgrimage or Retreat Facilitator points.



The Athletic letter recognizes outstanding participation and achievement in Athletics. The recipient of this award shall have a minimum of 50 athletic points and maintain a 70% average during his/her years at Holy Cross. Athletic points can be obtained in the following ways.


GROUP A  (up to 8 points in each sport)

Basketball                               Rowing

Football                                   Volleyball



GROUP B (up to 5 points in each sport)

Badminton                              Soccer

Baseball                                  Tennis

Cross Country                        Swimming

Curling                                   Track and Field



GROUP C (up to 3 points in each sport)

Figure Skating                        Ski Team

Fishing                                     Softball

Golf                                           Squash



Extra points are awarded for those teams, which reach the following levels.

Points are awarded for the highest level only.



   Zone Champs                              1 point

   SOSSA Champs                          3 points

   Regionals                                     4 points

   OFSSA                                        6 points

  Rowing Schoolboy Champs             8 points



Additional points for the following:

W in Quarter Finals                2 points

W in Semi-Finals                    4 points

W in Finals                              6 points



We invite students to bring their energy, enthusiasm and generosity to the task of building a Catholic community at Holy Cross. In creating this community, we wish to encourage students to develop Catholic Christian values within themselves and to demonstrate these values through their attitudes and activities both within the school and in the larger community. We invite students to affirm the sacredness and dignity of the person and develop a world vision based on stewardship of each other and of our world.

Students who develop and demonstrate this awareness of their Christian mission during their years at Holy Cross may be eligible for the Christian Service Letter.

In their second Semester of Grade 12, students who wish to be considered will apply for the letter. Students must have completed a religion class in each of their 4 years at Holy Cross and have a MINIMUM of 150 hours of community service in addition to the 40 hours required for graduation. The applicants will be invited to identify their involvement in Christian Service in each of their four years at Holy Cross thus far.  Students will be asked to write an essay demonstrating their Christian commitment and leadership at Holy Cross, within the larger community, and within their parish. As they reflect on their four years at Holy Cross they will have an opportunity to identify their involvement with their peers, other racial groups, the handicapped, the elderly, new Canadians, the poor, new students, the unaccepted, the unborn, the sick, the homeless, the environment, and the emotionally distressed.

The following activities are examples of Christian Service activities

  • Yearly participation in and organization of the Pilgrimage.
  • Active participation including the organization and execution of in school Christian Service activities such as the food drive.
  • Organization and/or participation in community Christian Service activities such as the Terry Fox run, Hospital Fundraisers, Community environmental activities etc.
  • Participation in Parish Fundraising activities.
  • Weekly participation in Parish activities such as children’s liturgy leader or Eucharistic Minister.

Each of these activities must be verified on a School Community Service form or by a letter from the appropriate agency or Parish Priest.



The Angus Award is the most prestigious award that a student can receive at Holy Cross. This award will recognize the “all around student”, one who is seen as a  role model and who has demonstrated outstanding Achievement, Leadership, and Catholic Christian Attitude during his/her years at Holy Cross.

To be eligible for this award in his/her graduating year, a student must:

a)     receive the Christian Service Award

b)     receive the Academics Letter

c)     receive the Athletic or the Activities Letter with a minimum of 10 points in each category.        

The Awards Committee will determine the recipient(s) of the Angus Award based on the cumulative total of the applicants Letterman points plus one point for each Christian Service Award activity. (up to a maximum of 20 points)


Letterman Awards Application - Download PDF