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Raider Roots


In 1985, Holy Cross was created under the name P.K. Kerwin-Denis Morris Campus. After only one year, the school increased in enrollment and reputation. The students and community lobbied for a new and separate identity from Denis Morris.

The original Raider logo (to the right) was developed by the Holy Cross staff. The goal was to find a symbol that was not only synonymous with strength and vibrancy but also regal and dignified. Burgundy and gold were chosen as the original school colours to serve the dual purpose of establishing the school as both distinctive and new, while recognizing its connections with Denis Morris Catholic High School.


In 1993, 1500 staff and students of Holy Cross Catholic Secondary school moved from its Lake Street site to the current and newly renovated location on Linwell angusRoad. The new building afforded Holy Cross the opportunity to distinguish itself within the Niagara Region by changing the school colours. Forest Green, Silver and White were chosen by the student body to represent the growth and promise of the school. At the same time, a decision was made by staff to update the school mascot. The Viking, seen to the right, was chosen and affectionately named “Angus” by the student body. Spes Unica….”Our Only Hope” is the Latin term that adorns our crest. 

The Holy Cross Community has continued to flourish at the new location on Linwell Road. Success has been found inside the classroom, on the playing field and on the stage. These many accomplishments continue to establish Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School as one of the top schools in the Niagara Region.